About Us

About Silver Star Properties

Silver Star Properties REIT, Inc. is a self-managed real estate investment trust with a history of operational excellence and a focus on institutional-grade self-storage property acquisitions. We are an experienced investment management team dedicated to providing quality returns to our investors. Our commitment to integrity and transparency is reflected in our ongoing investment practices.

As we own and operate our current office and retail assets in the Houston, Dallas, and San Antonio markets, we also believe that specific attributes of other states pose attractive qualities for future investments. We will focus on acquiring well-located self-storage facilities in markets with significant demand for storage space.

The plan to expand the Company’s asset classes should allow the Company to maintain a resilient investment approach and create a more inflation-resistant portfolio. Silver Star Properties plans to pivot away from its office REIT title to include a broader selection of asset classes over an 18 to 24-month period. Additionally, Silver Star Properties expects that this pivot will better position the Company to provide enhanced liquidity to its shareholders, potentially through a tender offer, resumption of share redemptions, and potentially a listing of its securities on a national exchange.


The repositioning of assets is further expected to lower operating expenses for the Company and, over time, significantly enhance the value of its securities as we advance to allow investors to trade at a premium NAV. Our operational goals will be to continue to deliver exceptional service to our tenants as we pursue a new asset class.

We intend to be highly strategic in our disposition of assets as we pivot to self-storage on a national basis. We believe self-storage is one of the best-performing asset classes for inflation and recession resistance while also providing enhanced revenue opportunities for growth in both up and down markets.