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Acquiring Institutional Grade Self Storage Investments

Silver Star Properties is a self-managed real estate investment trust with a history of operational excellence and a focus on institutional-grade self-storage property acquisitions.

As we own and operate numerous assets in the Houston, Dallas, and San Antonio markets, we also believe that certain attributes of other states pose attractive qualities for future investments. We focus on acquiring well-located self-storage facilities in markets where there is significant demand for storage space. We are an experienced investment management team with a commitment to provide quality returns to our investors. Our commitment to integrity and transparency is reflected in our ongoing investment practices.

Silver Star Properties targets properties with the following attributes:

  • Located in growing, high-traffic areas
  • Well-maintained facility with good curb appeal
  • Consistent rental income
  • Favorable surrounding demographics
  • Variety of unit sizes and pricing
  • Top tier amenities and security
  • Institutional-grade self-storage

Why Invest in Self Storage?

Our Vision & Value Proposition

At Silver Star Properties, our vision is to become the leading provider for secure and innovative self-storage solutions across the United States. Investing in self-storage is our way of seizing opportunity and building wealth for our investors. Self-storage is a unique commercial real estate sector with low overhead costs and minimal maintenance requirements, allowing greater potential for both lucrative returns and stress-free investing.

Sustainable Growth Strategies

While our experience in the self-storage space may be evolving, our commitment to sustainable growth remains resolute. We embrace a balanced approach that harmonizes financial success with responsible business practices. By prioritizing prudent resource management, community engagement, and environmental sustainability, we aim to create enduring value for our investors while making a positive impact on society.   

Our Advantage

As an up-and-coming self-storage REIT, we offer investors a unique advantage. Our innovative approach allows investors access to a rapidly growing industry, situated in high-demand markets with limited competition. Contact us today to learn more about the benefits of investing in a self-storage REIT.


At Silver Star Properties REIT, we seek to create value for our investors by understanding how market fundamentals and industry trends impact our investment decisions.